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E.P.I.C.™ Magazine • Santa Fe/Taos Edition is brought to you by Be Sweet Media, a petite New Mexico publishing company locally owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Matt Swart and Brittney Geitgey. Their company is named in honor of Brittney’s grandmother Peggy Myers whose last words to her before passing were, “Be sweet. Take care of each other.” These wise words have proven to be a great gift and have become the foundation upon which Matt and Brittney operate in every aspect of their lives.

Matt and Brittney currently live outside of Santa Fe, NM where they are in the beginning stages of rehabilitating a small 9-acre farm on the Pecos River. Their long-term vision is to create a sacred space in which the community and beyond can come to heal and learn about permaculture, natural building, and sustainable stewardship practices. They share their beautiful Northern New Mexico surroundings with their best canine friend Div, two cats, a whimsical band of six Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, and a quirky flock of 15 colored-egg-laying chickens.

Meet Matt Swart, Publisher / Community Connector.

Matt has been a tech geek from birth. In 2014 after spending more than a decade working with computers and web development, he left the tech world in an inspired effort to get back to the land and closer to Spirit, a move that resulted in developing skills that were, at the time, outside of his pre-existing technology-based expertise. During this shift he also learned about the true nature of health and lost over 80 pounds, revealing a slender physique he never knew he had.

Today Matt has a passion for sharing what he has learned about health, healing, spirituality, and technology with others. As the main marketing contact for E.P.I.C.™ Magazine • Santa Fe/Taos Edition, he loves connecting his community and finding new ways to help heart-centered individuals and businesses share their message.

When Matt isn’t wearing his E.P.I.C.™ hat with an aim to help elevate consciousness, he can be found playing and developing video games on a variety of consoles, fiddling with technology and free and open source software, and doing the heavy lifting on the farm. He is training as a WildFit Coach and is also the owner of Santa Fe Computer Tech where he serves as a Private IT Consultant for individuals and businesses in and around the Santa Fe area.

You can connect with Matt directly by calling (505) 310-1766 or emailing connector@epicsantafe.com.

And Brittney Geitgey, Publisher / Editor.

Brittney felt consistently ill and out of sorts well into her 20s. When she discovered the power that nature and a diet rich in organic homegrown foods can have over one’s wellness, she all but quit her established career in virtual business administration and shifted her focus to becoming a student of healing, spiritual development, and the loving-kind sustainable stewardship of plants and animals.

Today Brittney is grateful to have rediscovered vibrant health and is an ever-joyful wearer of many fun and funky hats. As the main editor/operator for E.P.I.C.™ Magazine • Santa Fe/Taos Edition, she loves keeping tabs on all the details and receiving the many inspired submissions of content and artwork that come in from the community.

When she isn’t hustling to keep the E.P.I.C.™ train a’chuggin’, Brittney can be found playing co-op video games with her hubby, loving on her 12 year old puppy girl, shaking a tail feather at StudioNia Santa Fe with her momma, and playing in the dirt fostering plant growth – most likely alongside some feisty miniature goats. A light-hearted empath by nature, she is studying as a shamanic practitioner, permaculturist, and beekeeper and has high hopes of transforming her farm into a therapeutic educational center for those who wish to learn about sustainability, natural building, and working collaboratively with the powers that be.

You can connect with Brittney directly by calling (505) 510-1303 or emailing editor@epicsantafe.com.

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