Q: I wrote down so many questions, I don’t know where to begin.

A: Ha ha ha! Lord Michael at your service. We laugh not at you but with you. For when you have the realization of the simplicity of it all, you will laugh as never before! Let us begin. First, the mind is not the enemy. It has the capacity to be a force of progression, but only when it is in service to the heart. The great paradox is the very simplicity that the mind cannot grasp. Awakening cannot be understood, for understanding is a function of the mind. Teachings such as we offer can only point to awakening, they cannot produce awakening. Awakening is direct, and a function of being. The untrained mind is forever grasping for what it believes is missing, or rejecting what it dislikes; all the while you are already free. When you stop trying to understand, everything you have searched for emerges, because it already exists. Ha ha ha!

Q: I do have questions, but I surrender to what you want to tell me. What do I most need to know?

A: But that is just it my friend, you cannot know awakening, for the mind is not equipped for the job. Awakening is a direct experience of being; thinking is the noise that prevents being.

Ha ha ha! We hear the next question formulate in your mind, “So tell me how to stop thinking so that I can be.” Ha ha ha! Do you see the loop that keeps you entrenched in the belief that intellect is supreme? We say it is not. Sit with us for one moment while you surrender the exalted position of the intellect.

Again, we point to the simplicity and the paradox that you will never understand your way to awakening. What will happen if you give up the belief that your very existence is dependent upon the power of your intellectual understanding? We will answer that last question very simply. When you give up the belief that you would cease to exist without understanding, everything you have sought after will effortlessly appear out of nothing.

Have we blown your mind yet? Ha ha ha, for that is our intention! Ha ha ha! We do this service to poke holes in the illusion that the intellect is supreme, when in truth it is useless in the awakening process. Have we made it crystal clear my friend? So waste no more time fretting about the minutiae of the inner workings of the mind, for it will never get you where you need to go; for in truth you are already there.

Q: Is my channeled writing coming from a place of unconditional love? Also, in a previous reading I was told my physical ailment was “due to a long standing pattern in my emotional body that became a disturbing force affecting the whole.” Does that mean a physical treatment won’t help?

A: Let us begin with the latter. When you grasp the simplicity of which we have spoken, all healing is not only possible but guaranteed, and that is good news! Sit with this brother.

We shall say of your channeling that the more you relinquish your identification with your intellect as supreme, the clearer you shall become. And that can be instantaneous if you allow it, but you see, the mind will constantly fight to keep its superior position in your belief system.

Q: So when my mind rises up with objections?

A: It is still not the enemy brother. It is a creative tool. Let us go back to the question of your health. Rather than digging for the buried emotion, continue to open to the unconditional love that is everywhere present. As you allow yourself to be that which you already are, miracles shall abound! Walk with your head held high brother and carry with you our deepest, dearest blessings!

The Oracle of the Angel Board creates an energentic bridge that facilitates communication with high vibrational beings that can assist you in answering questions about your life.