I’m pickin’ up good vibrations; she’s giving me the excitations; gotta keep those lovin’ good vibrations a-happenin’ with her!”

Performed by the Beach Boys more than forty years ago, the song “Good Vibrations” quickly became one of California’s Flower Power anthems and suddenly no self respecting “hippy” wanted to be around “bad vibes.” This concept, which was relatively new at the time, was referring to what we know today as Quantum Physics.

The foundation of Quantum Physics is that everything (and that means every thing), is a vibrating energy field. To be a physical object, a thing must vibrate at a low enough rate to actually become physical, and when the vibration changes the physicality responds accordingly. This was demonstrated by the work of Hans Jenny who vibrated sound through metal plates with sand on them. As the sound changed, the geometric patterns created in the sand changed as well. The higher the frequency, the more complex the patterns became.

Sacred spaces such as temples and churches are known for causing an uplifting effect in those who enter them. Similarly, one can lay on the ground on a beautiful sunny day and feel deep peace and relaxation coming from the Earth’s Schumann resonance, or experience locations that feel resoundingly creepy or depressing for no apparent reason. These phenomena can all be attributed to energy fields.

Energy fields can be built up over time by groups of well-intending people coming together in harmony for a higher purpose, and also by those with more negative agendas. A traumatic event can leave a negative energetic imprint on a location for decades or more. Church bells, temple bells, drums, gongs, and a shaman’s whistle can all have the effect of clearing and harmonizing the energy field of a space.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nicola Tesla

Nicola Tesla was a genius who died in poverty and obscurity because his understanding of energy fields was so advanced that if utilized, we would never have needed oil, coal, or electric lines. Those in control desired to harness the “new energy” of electricity so that they could profit from it, leaving Tesla’s work destroyed. It has been said that Thomas Edison was their man.

Royal Raymond Rife was another genius scientist from the turn of the last century who understood frequencies at a deep level. He developed a microscope so powerful that to date no one has been able to replicate it publicly. He studied viruses and bacteria and found that if he broadcast a specific frequency it would destroy specific strains. He also studied cancer cells and found that the right frequency would destroy them in a manner similar to that of an opera singer who could shatter a wine glass with just the right pitch and volume. He called this “coordinated resonance.”

Those who were diagnosed with cancer and chose to see Rife for treatment were reported as being cancer-free after a series of interactions with his “frequency machine.” It is said that he was becoming well-known when the same destroyers of Tesla’s work confiscated his machines and research and accused him of fraud. Rife died broken and penniless, much like Tesla.

There was also Einstein and his theory of relativity, although there is credible evidence showing that he was not the theory’s originator. Nevertheless, he became the superstar of modern physics who, at the end of his life, witnessed something in the experiments of the emerging field of Quantum Physics that he could not quite understand. What he coined “spooky action at a distance” came to be known as “quantum entanglement,” a physical phenomenon where objects separated by a great distance can instantaneously affect one another’s behavior.

Russian scientist Dr. Peter Bariaev discovered that DNA absorbs light photons. In an experiment Bariaev shined a gentle laser beam through a developing salamander embryo and redirected it into a developing frog embryo. The result was that the frog embryo’s DNA completely re-coded itself with the instructions to build a healthy adult salamander. The two embryos were stored in hermetically sealed containers in which only the light was allowed to pass through, proving that light is energy and that changing the frequency of the developing frog embryo by utilizing light encoded with the salamander frequency caused the physical manifestation of the frog embryo to change.

In the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh.”
John 1:1

Isn’t it fascinating that the Bible starts with one of the founding principles of Quantum Physics? We now know that frequencies create matter. We see and hear energy in the form of light and sound and directly experience energy in unseen form every day. Our spoken and unspoken words send energy into our external world and into our bodies, literally creating life or death. The only question is, are we generating “good vibes” (harmonious integrating frequencies) or “bad vibes” (discordant disintegrating frequencies)?

It turns out that the DNA inside our trillions of cells are mini frequency transducers, meaning they are both antennas and transmitters of light code frequencies on an unseen level. When our DNA is humming harmoniously we experience vibrant health, energy, and joy, while the “bad vibes” from cell towers, wifi, computers, and cell phones radiate an agitating frequency that is disruptive to the DNA of all living things and can create profoundly negative mental and emotional effects.

All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”
– Nikola Tesla

Our world is on the verge of a huge breakthrough in energy technology. Many of these technologies have been largely suppressed for at least 100 years, but the dam is about to break and we will soon witness some truly amazing advances in this field with applications in healing, transport, communication, and more.

Fortunately there are already a few of these technologies available, one being the Quantum Biofeedback device which converses with the body and subconscious through an informational frequency exchange at the speed of light.

Imagine what it would be like if your body could talk. Imagine being told when it needs more or less of something, or that a suppressed negative emotion keeps cycling through again and again, impacting an organ or bodily function.

The reality is that our bodies are talking to us all the time, only all too often we are not fully listening. Our bodies then have to “shout” to get our attention, which is when we start feeling pain or experiencing adverse symptoms. The language our bodies speak is frequency.

It is incredibly helpful to know what our bodies are communicating before it becomes a diagnosis. While Quantum Biofeedback does not diagnose disease (a “diagnosis” is no more than a name given to a set of symptoms that the body is showing in reaction to some kind of stress), it does show the types of stress that are underlying any set of symptoms, and by establishing communication through a frequency exchange, begins to unwind the various stress patterns.

Quantum Biofeedback gives us the knowledge to make the changes necessary to address potential issues and challenges. The subtle power of the biofeedback frequencies teach our bodies to function as they were originally designed to, leaving us feeling more positive and relaxed, often with a much-welcomed reduction in, or elimination of, uncomfortable symptoms.

As the metaphorical dam of energy technology continues to crack, we can appreciate knowing that the Quantum Biofeedback device is already changing the way we understand and approach the health of the body-electric. There is so much to come, so much to look forward to!

Mahara K. Daniel (www.HighHealthNow.com) earned her Doctorate of Oriental Medicine from the former International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe in 1989. Licensed as a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist in 2002, Mahara has worked with this advanced energy system ever since. She can be reached at (505) 780-0565.