You may be aware of the new story of the birth of a universal humanity that is happening on our planet. The purpose of the new story is to make us aware that it is time to make the shift in consciousness from me-centered or self-centered consciousness, to we-centered or unity consciousness. Indeed, nothing less than a shift in human consciousness will make the new story become our reality and save our people and planet from certain extinction if we do not shift in time. So what’s involved in making the shift to “we-centered” consciousness?

First, we have to experience why me-centered consciousness doesn’t support us in manifesting the love, peace, equanimity and financial serenity that we say we want for everyone. In me-centered consciousness others are viewed as competitors for what we’ve been told is a limited-sized pie. How can you respect or care for your co-worker who is a competitor for the job promotion you hope to acquire? No matter how we play the “us vs. them” game at home or work, it is never satisfying, always stressful and creates destructive conflict and negative relationship drama.

Sad to say, but what we see on our evening news is a mirror of the relational violence we perpetrate on one another in our often unconscious, me-centered lives. In me-centered consciousness, it is me against the world and all others are foes to be conquered. We commit daily acts of physical, emotional and psychological terrorism toward one another.

Have you ever recognized how many murders and assaults happen simply to prove that one person is more important, more right, or more deserving than another? Me-centered consciousness always leads to physical, relational, psychological, emotional, spiritual, economic and social violence in human community and it will never do anything different, because it can’t do anything other than what it is. Eventually, with enough pain, everyone will wake to the non-workability of me-centered ways and become open to shift to the next stage of consciousness that is so much more fulfilling, individually and collectively.

Second, once we accept that the “us vs. them” game will never create a world that works for everyone, we start moving towards realizing the inner knowing that “there is something better than this.” It is common for people to move away from parental homes or rigid religious or spiritual communities with limiting belief systems, and to sojourn alone for a while to take an inner journey to find one’s own connection with the Divine (by all names). This is often a time of exploration and learning; reading self-help books, getting in shape, learning about healthier eating styles, doing meditation/contemplation exercises, starting personal therapy sessions or working with a spiritual coach and exploring different spiritual community offerings.

During this time in one’s life, a person can often feel lost, like a nomad with no people and no land to which they belong. This inner search leads one to discover that not only is each person one with God, but we are all a small fragment of the huge body of Spirit that includes the entire universe. It dawns on us that we have a special calling to assist the Universe in evolving into its next best idea.

Finally, we come to the realization that life, in actuality, is we-centered. Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Each person’s consciousness has an impact on other people and our planet.

We learn in this new field of unity consciousness, that what we are experiencing in any one moment has to do with the perspectives found at each stage of consciousness that inform our relationships with the Divine, with other human beings and all material reality. We wake up to the deep knowing that I, of myself, have never done anything. We wake up to knowing that I am not breathing myself, but rather, I am being breathed in and through a body, by Spirit.

Life is a “we” in and through which every “me” is born into this world. I now am aware that the bread I ate for breakfast was made possible because of hundreds or thousands of other human beings and the nourishment provided by our planet – not just a few of my green dollars that bought the loaf of bread at the grocery store. Life isn’t just about “me”, it is about what “we” are choosing to co-create according to the stage of consciousness in which we find ourselves individually, as well as the stage of consciousness we are experiencing collectively as a human race.

Today, eighty percent of humanity interacts in ways that are me-centered. Sixteen percent of human beings are just starting to get a peek at what a we-centered idea of a world might involve. Four percent of humanity has embodied and embedded we-centered or unity consciousness into every line of human development.

As we shift from me to we-centered consciousness, our vibrational frequency rises and has the ability to counterbalance the lower vibrational energies of me-centered consciousness in our world. It is critical in the next 5 years that at least another 8% of humanity anchor, embody and embed unity consciousness in all their affairs – at home, at work, in community organizations and in all relationships. If we can do this, we can energetically counter-balance the natural resistance of old and fading me-centered structures to lower the likelihood of having to lose up to 25% of the earth’s human population like we did in the 6th and 14th centuries, when we previously transitioned from one stage to another in consciousness.

It is also critical right now that we leave our nomadic phase and return to community to co-create new systems and structures that will work in a we-centered, unity era of conscious evolution. Look for others like you and come together often. Combine your skills, talents and resources and begin to co-create new we-centric, unity conscious organizations. Step into living out your unique calling and support others doing the same. Connect, share and gather resources to make an impact in your local community. Co-create new we-centric communities and organizations that go beyond the field of right and wrong because we know that it is only in and through our relationships and by honoring our amazing diversity that we can increase the love, the care, the respect, and the goodwill of all people on the planet.

The field of developmental consciousness studies (Ken Wilber, Carol Gilligan, Robert Kegan, Andrew Cohen, David Hawkins, Deepak Chopra, Stuart Hameroff, Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, etc.) is making plain the reality that we mature in consciousness over time. There are stages of consciousness beyond the coming we-centered, unity stage that will be discovered in our future.

Our longevity as a species will always be determined by our cooperation in learning about and embedding the next level of consciousness currently being revealed. May we purposefully move forward to embody and embed we-centered, unity consciousness and do whatever it takes to move forward into an even more glorious future as a universal humanity.

Wendy Foxworth, M.M.L, is the owner of Foxworth Coaching and Consulting Services and author of Co-creating Good, Healthy Relationships: Living Life “The WeWay” With Everyone, Every Day. Visit or 505-514-2024. Wendy also serves as the Director of the Center for Consciousness Education in Albuquerque. or 505.850.5529