You are cordially invited to educate, empower, and inspire the E.P.I.C.™ community.

Welcome, and thank you for being here. We are both delighted and honored that you are considering shining your light for our community and beyond. It’s a sincere pleasure to work with thought leaders such as yourself with a mutual goal of elevating consciousness! You, along with our dedicated advertisers, make E.P.I.C.™ Magazine possible!

And so it is that we invite you to participate in E.P.I.C.™ Magazine • Santa Fe / Taos Edition through the sharing of articles, recipes, poems, and artwork. All contributions are carefully credited and include contact information in our printed publication and on our website, providing you with the added benefit of receiving exposure to both our local and online communities.

with a Featured Article

Educate E.P.I.C.™ readers by sharing your expertise in conscious living when you submit an educational article.

Articles must be educational in nature (not advertorial) and centered around topics related to spirituality, health, sustainability, and conscious living. In addition to your article, we ask that you submit a 50-word bio and headshot that is at least 300 dpi.

We will use a stock photo to convey the theme of your article. If you wish to offer a photo or image to be used with your article it must be 300 dpi. Our Editor reserves the right to choose another photo if they feel it will impact the reader in a more positive way.

with a Healthy Recipe

Empower E.P.I.C.™ readers to enjoy a healthy relationship with food by sharing one of your favorite recipes.

We accept submissions of healthy recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, or drinks. While not necessary, we particularly enjoy publishing recipes that are free from gluten and refined sugar.

In addition to your recipe, we ask that you submit a 50-word bio and headshot that is at least 300 dpi. You may also provide a photo of the finished recipe as long as it is at least 300 dpi.

with Artwork & Photography

Inspire passersby to pick up an issue of E.P.I.C.™ Magazine by sharing your artwork.

Every cover of E.P.I.C.™ Magazine features unique imagery from New Mexico’s most talented local artists and photographers. Submit your artwork to inspire others while also receiving exposure to Santa Fe and Taos’ many locals and visitors.

Interested in submitting your work for consideration?

The first step for any type of submission is to review our Submission Guidelines and fill out our Submission Form.

You may return our Submission Form by emailing a scan to



Still have questions after reviewing the above documents? Feel free to reach out to Laurie Gambacorta any time at 505.490.4929 ext. 2 or

E.P.I.C.™ reserves the right to edit any submission as needed. Submission does not guarantee publication. 
A signed submission form must accompany all submissions. Submissions may be used in print magazines published by E.P.I.C.™ Empowering People, Inspiring Community & E.P.I.C. Tribe, Inc., on websites owned by E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community & E.P.I.C. Tribe, Inc., and in marketing materials.

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